Saturday, October 12, 2013

Have You Ordered Your Arabic IPTV ?


             Over the last few years, Consumers were forced to get their TV Channels from one or maximum 2 providers that provided Arabic Channels, The lack of other options forced us to get our Arabic Channels from these providers who provided limited amount of channels so it was no need to make any decision. However, As the the industry grew, the IPTV came along bringing more options that force consumers to make a decision, What company is the best one? who provides the best service? should i buy from this or that company? many questions has been raised and each company claims to have the best service. 

Reliable, affordable and headache less is the type of service we all need, as you surf the internet, you can find plenty of companies which confused consumers, some offer cheaper price but less channels, others offer high price with plenty of channels, some even offer lower price with plenty of channels. As you narrow down your search, you will find that there are only 2 or 3 companies to choose from the expensive one with the channels you desire, the cheap one with the one time payment or the affordable one that provides your favorite Arabic channels. Therefore, another problems has been raised, they all claim to have the best service which company should i choose? 

 Sham IPTV© is one of the Arabic IPTV providers in the US that has been successfully earning the Arabic, Turkish, Iranian and Kirdish communitie's trust. Providing high quality channels, affordable price and reliable service are what made ShamIPTV© different than any other provider. It offers customers flexibility in doing business with them such as, 7 days free trail which allow customers to use its products for 7 days to try it. However, if a customer is unhappy with the product, can easily return it with "no question ask policy".

Another factor which is the most advanced feature is the excitement of the HD Channels, wither you are watching your favorite soccer game or your awesome TV show, HD Channels will give you more excitement and entertaining experience than ever before. Sham IPTV© offers more HD channels than all competitors combined. Furthermore, Over 20,000 shows and movies on demand is pretty unique feature, that no other company offers. it offers thousands of Arabic movies, TV shows, radio channels and more than one can remember, free of charge to all customer. Free shipping that ShamIPTV© offers from time to time is also great money saver, especially to the ones live in farther states who normally have to spend approximately $20 to $40 for shipping. Wifi builtin ,Youtube,, News notifications and many other features are all included in its products. 

As stated, plenty of companies have entered the IPTV industry offering their services, giving customers options that led them to a state of confusing in a world that full of Chinese products. where every one wants to be part of it. However, Sham IPTV© offers plenty of features that can easily help customers to make the right choice. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Arabic Channels IN HD By SHAM IPTV©

Manhattan, New York,    --Arabic IPTV industry is tend to be one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Many companies around the world rely on the IPTV technology to provide customers high quality performance, wither they use it for VOD, Channels broadcasting or any other broadcasting purposes, IPTV technology has been proven to be the best option.

SHAM IPTV©  has been providing Arabic Channels to the Arabic communities in the USA and Canada for a few years. It's has been ranked number # 1 in the USA  for providing stable and high Quality service according to a recent study. Providing HQ and HD channels is what makes it stand out of competition and puts it a head of competitors. It started with providing 400 High Quality Arabic Channels Via its Arabic IPTV Box and in less than a year added another 100 Channels. It also has lunched video on demand with over 20,000 Programs for free of charge for their current customers.

As technology has been moving every industry fast forward to make life of consumers easier, SHAM IPTV© invests in talented, high skilled engineers around the world to assure that technology will be served in every aspects in its projects and not only move forward with technology rather than inventing new technology that can help advance its products.

Ranked # 1 as a provider of Arabic Channels in The USA as well as Arabic IPTV in The USA

Friday, August 16, 2013

Al Jazeera Sports Taking a Huge Steps With The New HD Channels HD1 .........

  As Al Jazzera Sports lunches new HD channels HD1, HD2, HD3, HD4, HD5, HD6 viewers can watch their favorite sport in High Definition form. Many viewers around the globe are impatiently waiting for the new HD channels to watch the most well known Al Jazeera sports channels that the always enjoyed in a whole different experiance. Al Jazeera also will  be showing Barclays Premier League (BPL) football for the first time, from 17th August when the new BPL season starts.

SHAM IPTV has always been updating its channels list with the most watched and well known channels form over 30 middle Eastern countries. As SHAM IPTV has seen the increasing amount of inquiries about the new HD Channels decided to add the new channels so if you already have Sham iptv set top box your list will be automatically updated and you will have the new channels as long as have any of its products however, new customers can also enjoy the Al Jazeera Sports Channels as part of the box so they don't have to pay any thing extra rather than the price of the products as stated on the website.

SHAM IPTV has been providing Arabic Channels in the USA for the lowest price in the industry with High Quality performance. Arabic IPTV Box that sham provides is the most advanced product in the IPTV arena in the USA. it has many features such as over 20,000 movies and shows on Demand, Youtube, Skype, MBC Alshahed, time Shift  and much more. 

Sham IPTV has always provide the best Arabic IPTV in The USa and The most watched Arabic Channels in the USA.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Arabic Channels In The USA BY SHAM IPTV© Preview

Sham IPTV provides Arabic Channels in The USA Via It's Arabic IPTV BOX. Providing 500 Channels in high quality which will thrill you with the quality and amount of channels. We Bring Channels from multiple satellite  across the world. Now you can enjoy your favorite channels like never before. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

ARABIC IPTV Most Advanced Products have Been Released BY SHAM IPTV©

SHAM IPTV© has released the new Arabic Channels Boxes today after a long wait, , SHAM IPTV has been working on the new products for more than 6 month According to the company Sales Executive. The project started in December of 2012 when the CEO decided to bring something New and different to the industry where competition is no longer about the price, "Now we are way ahead of competition in price and features in such fast moving forward industry" MR Abdualrahman stated. The New products has so many features that consumers never experienced before for a fairly lower price than competitions. The New Arabic IPTV Boxes will thrill consumers with what offer on Demand such as movies and shows in a new way that has never seen before. Users can play local files from SD card and can attach local USB device as well  support external Sata HDD.  No other Box in the industry provides social media the way is being provided in SHAM New BOX. Channels Streaming is really going to thrill consumers. The following are some features of the New Arabic Channels in The USA Devices:

  • USB 2.0 Internet radio and TV dongle for computer, no driver needed
  • Provides over 20,000 radio stations, classified in 56 genres and 210 countries worldwide
  • Watch 5,000 web TV stations, sorted in 65 types of programs, 210 countries and 59 languages worldwide
  • User's friendly interface, allows enjoying your favorite radio station and TV program
  • Collection of favorites and history stations, immediate access to my favorite stations on any PC without any registration
  • Web 2.0 dynamic voting system, recommend best station all up to you
  • Automatically updates programs and new stations on site
  • Record video in WMV format to your hard drive
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Arabic Channels Programs in Ramadan with SHAM IPTV©

Ramadan  explores the unique television programs that people across  the Arab world watch during the month of Ramadan, According to independent market research, TV viewing spikes during Ramadan across the Middle East and North Africa region. With the highest level of viewership during Iftar and the duration of television viewing increasing through the evening, SHAM IPTV© has planned a compelling offers of the newest and most advanced Arabic IPTV Boxes for Ramadan.

SHAM IPTV© devices will be available to consumers a few days before the holy month. The new devices will be the first devices in the us market to offer as many channels in HD form. There are so many awesome features that Arabic IPTV consumers in the USA haven't experienced before. We have been working on the new devices for more than 6 month to make them available for consumers in the USA before the month of Ramdan. 

Arabic Channels in The USA is being brought to you in a new form like never before, You can enjoy so many new features that has never been available in the past. Arabic IPTV in The USA  is being upgraded by SHAM IPTV©. Keep tuned to our blogs, facebook, twitter and website for a release date. 

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